Deposition Summary Service

Qualities Of A Worthwhile Deposition Summary Service


As a trial attorney, you know how bulky depo transcripts are and the dread that comes with having to summarize them. Lawyers and paralegals spend countless hours preparing deposition summaries in the different formats they come in.

Have you heard of a depo summary service? A deposition summary service is a company that specializes in taking the tedious work off the hands of attorneys. A depo summary service turns the hundreds of pages of transcripts to a concise deposition summary.

Even though paralegal services offer to greatly lessen workload, some lawyers draw back from the idea of outsourcing. They’re scared of hiring the wrong people and compromising sensitive material. So, let’s discuss the hallmarks of a worthwhile depo summary service.

Traits of a Worthwhile Deposition Summary Service

Accurate summaries

A valuable depo summary service takes time to extract important information while remaining accurate to what’s given. You need to know that what you get is what’s in the transcripts. One way to ensure this is to look at reviews of past work. Trust ratings from prestigious lawyers and law firms.

High transcript to summary page ratio

A worthwhile depo summary service gives a great transcript to summary page ratio. You don’t want to send a 100 pages of deposition transcript to get back 70 pages of summary. A great depo summary will send you 10 to 20 pages for 100 pages of transcripts.

Can produce different formats

A depo summary service should be able to produce the several formats of deposition summaries. You get to request what you want and get them back on time and accurately.

Great track record

A worthwhile depo summary service must have made its bones in the market. They should have a solid and long track record of working with law firms to create accurate depo summaries. However, if a relatively new agency pitches you, ask for a trial before going all in.

Ability to take on bulky work

Sometimes depo transcripts run into thousands of pages. A worthwhile depo summary service is able to take that work on and still deliver on time. And not just one two thousand page depo transcript, but batch transcripts of different depositions.

When you hire a worthwhile depo summary service, the tedious work and sleepless nights writing depo summaries are gone. 4cornersdepo has been around for more than a decade, and has worked for thousands of lawyers, paralegals, and law firms. Check out the free trial.