The Role Of A Criminal Lawyer In Corporate Criminal Law



Another quite common demand – that not all people know there is a criminal consequence – is in criminal law arising from business activity. Crimes related to tax matters, money laundering, corporate fraud, and tax evasion have criminal impacts that can lead to imprisonment and should be treated with due seriousness from the outset.

Environmental Crimes

Environmental crimes can also lead to serious consequences for the accused when entering the criminal spectrum. This happens because the damage of an environmental crime has the whole society as a victim since nature is a collective heritage. A good ovi defense attorney north olmsted oh can demonstrate both the reversibility of damages and the lack of liability and legal requirements regarding the act performed.

Medical, Criminal Law Practice

Another recurring role for a criminal lawyer as seen on for example concerns medical law, more specifically in cases related to medical error or failure to provide assistance, which can evolve into issues such as bodily injury and even guilt related to a homicide. As they are constantly exposed to this risk, doctors must define who their lawyer is to act in such scenarios.

Drug Trafficking

Last but not least, there is drug trafficking – the main responsible for the imprisonment. In addition to drug trafficking itself, other equally serious types of trafficking can be included.

This public imagery of the risk linked to trafficking requires the defense to be prepared to face a very strong burden of a prior judgment, not necessarily related to the law, which will accompany the process, making it more difficult at all stages.

Can I Hire A Criminal Lawyer To Charge The Defendant?

It is essential to clarify that the dui lawyer pasadena md does not serve to “defend criminals” but rather to ensure that everyone has their rights respected, even those who have broken the law. The criminal lawyer can act by accusing the defendant, alongside the Public Ministry (MP) or alone, in cases where there this prosecution body remains inert.

To avoid doubt, we will explain, roughly, how public criminal proceedings take place and the possibilities that the victim’s lawyer or his representative have to accuse the defendant.

The Lawyer As Assistant To The Prosecution

It is very common to find a criminal lawyer in the Federal District working alongside the Public Ministry. This is because, although the Federal Constitution has only given the Public Prosecutor’s Office the legitimacy to propose public criminal actions, the Criminal Procedure Code provides for the possibility for the victim to have more active participation in the process, constituting a lawyer to assist and accompany the prosecution of the Public Prosecutor’s Office as an assistant to the prosecution. The first possibility is that the victim has to hire a lawyer to accuse the defendant. At this point, it is important to emphasize all the rights that the assistant attorney of the Public Ministry has during the action:

  • Propose all means of a proof
  • Ask the witnesses questions
  • Participate in public hearings or jury
  • The reason the appeals proposed by him or by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and
  • Act in all phases of the process
  • The criminal lawyer in the private subsidiary criminal action of the public