What is the Conveyancing Process?



Sellers and buyers can often be confused by the conveyancing process and the conveyancing process itself has many steps for both seller and buyers alike.

What is the conveyancing process? 

The conveyancing process ultimately begins with having found a property lawyer who you have instructed to act for you on either your sale or process. The conveyancing process can ultimately not begin without this step being undertaken. 

The next step on the conveyancing process is for the vendor solicitors and the buyer’s solicitors to make contact with each other to ensure that draft paperwork and any supplementary documentation has been sent for review. 

The following key steps in the conveyancing process are as follows: 

  • Stage 1- instruction
  • Stage 2- production of contract papers
  • Stage 3- Investigation of title and arranging funding 
  • Stage 4 – Reporting and signing contract documentation
  • Stage 5 – Exchange of contracts
  • Stage 6- Completion 

Are there any hidden costs involved in the conveyancing process?

During the conveyancing process, your conveyancing lawyer will provide you with a quote regarding the legal fees and disbursement which may be accrued.

However, due to the nature of the transaction, it is not always possible to budget for any costs which may arise during the conveyancing process itself. 

In any event during the conveyancing process, these costs do arise, your property lawyer will always inform you at the earliest opportunity to inform you of the same. Most occasions, the fees are non-negotiable and will always have to be paid as part of the final bill in order to proceed to exchange and completion.

What can Conveyancing Solicitors help me achieve? 

When looking for conveyancing solicitors, you should check their online feedback via google and Trustpilot reviews to ensure they can achieve the best possible service for you. This will enable you to obtain an idea of reputation for conveyancing solicitors in Plymouth

Conveyancing solicitors should have a number of reviews to help you make an informed decision on whether you wish to use their services or not. 

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