What Happens To My Co-signers If I File For Bankruptcy?


A co-signer is someone who helps with a loan. The co-signer is jointly responsible for the repayment of that debt. If the debtor fails to repay the debt, the creditor may sue the cosigner.

But, the question is, can a creditor pursue the co-signer (person not filing for bankruptcy) if the debtor files bankruptcy? This question is dependent on the bankruptcy chapter filed.

The co-signer is not protected if the bankruptcy is Chapter 7. The co-signer can be pursued by the creditor according to the terms and conditions of the original contract.

The co-signer of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is protected as long the following conditions are met.

  • Consumer debt is a debt
  • The proceeds of the debt are not shared with the co-signer
  • The entire amount will be repaid by the Chapter 13 plan

The creditor can’t pursue the cosigner as long as the Chapter 13 debtor follows the required repayment plan.

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