What Are The Legal Penalties For Sexual Assault?


In the United States of America, the process for conviction and penalty in the case of a sexual assault is different for each state. Every state has its laws regarding the judicial process related to sexual assault. The final penalty can also be added depending on where the criminal is convicted. 

For example, sexual crimes against minors or individuals below the age of consent in Michigan fall under the category of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. A minor’s support in this matter is not valid. Even if he claims that the victim gave permission, the accused can be convicted. He will be tried for statutory rape. 

Like this, there are different degrees of statutory rape. The laws assign additional penalties depending on the degree and the details of the victim and the criminal.

The Three Degrees In Criminal Sexual Conduct

  • First Degree

This degree of sexual conduct involves sexual penetration between a child and an adult in a position of authority. The child is either below the age of 13 or at least below 16. The offender can be a family member or a teacher, or even a form of a guardian. 

  • Second Degree

These are the cases where the victim is sexually assaulted (no penetration) by the adult. Here, the child is below the age of consent in Michigan that is 16. Again, the offender can be a family member or a teacher. He can be just working in the school where the child is enrolled.

  • Third-Degree

The child is between the ages of 13 and 16. This degree also involves sexual penetration, and the perpetrator is again someone the victim is familiar with: a school employee or a teacher. 

The Punishments That The Criminals Receive If Found Guilty

First-degree sexual conduct can be punished with life in prison. The minimum serving time for this crime is 25 years. Second and third-degree criminal sexual conduct is punishable with up to 15 years in prison. 

Another form of criminal sexual conduct is child enticement. If an adult tries to convince and lure a child into sexual acts, he can be sentenced to up to 4 years in prison with a hefty fine. In this case, no sexual activity is required to happen. , the intention to engage in sexual activities with a minor can have you incriminated and penalized.