Everything You Should Know About Protective Mandates


Wills used to be the most important legal document for physical protection and asset protection earlier. Protective mandates are the recent additions that not many people are aware of. While almost everybody knows the concept behind getting a will, there’s hardly 10% of the population that knows what’s the concept behind a protective mandate. So, this guide is about all the things you should know about protective mandates and the reasons that you, too, should get one. Have a look!

A protective mandate is a legal document that a notary prepares on your behalf. It contains the information about the person who you are nominating to take care of all your needs in case you suffer from a physical or mental problem that leaves you in a condition where you cannot take care of your needs by yourself. 

One of the reasons that renowned notaries like Rami Khoury notaire insist so much on having a protective mandate is that it’s the only legal protection you have when you’re not in a condition to speak for your rights by yourself. In the absence of one, you’ll not have any legal representative to provide for you. Besides, there’s going to be no one to manage your finances and assets when you can’t manage them on your own. 

It’s a sad state, but what’s sadder is that many people go through similar troubles. We’re hopeful that by now you know how a protective mandate can guard you if you end up incapacitated. On that note, we will now take you through some reasons why choosing a notary is even more important than having a protective mandate. Have a look!

Technicalities Matter 

It is very important that the mandate is written accurately for it to be accepted by the court of law. A judge can reject a poorly written protective mandate. This is why you should hire an experienced notary. 

Experience Counts 

There are many reasons that you should hire experienced notaries other than the reason that they write correct documents. Some of those reasons are as follows. 

  1. They know that it’s important to get the document verified by a Judge for it to be effective. 
  2. They know that the original copy has to be secured since that’s the only copy that the court will consider in case you end up being incapacitated. 

All in all, making legal documents is not simple. It might sound easy, but the law is very complex. Hence, hiring the right attorneys is very important to safeguard your interest.