Quickest Way To Get A Green Card


Gaining the permanent resident status of the United States is the main goal of several immigrants. And there are quicker ways to actualize that goal. The first is;

  1. Investment Immigration

Having an Eb5 investment visa is like obtaining a temporary Green  Card for two years. The permanent residence may be available in around next five years from the day of submitting petition. There are many ways on how to stay in the U.S until your permanent residence get approved, and you have to know the immigration law winnipeg. For guidance, contact immigration attorney houston tx 

  1. Married To A U.S Citizen

Here is one of the quickest mean to immigrate to the United States. Normally, the process takes at least six to nine month, after which a temporary Green card is granted. At the end of two years, you will have to contact the USCIS with the prove of marriage validity. And once the USCIS is satisfy with your petition, a permanent residence(Green card) is then issue to you.

  1. Political Asylum 

Accessing an asylum status in the United States grants holder an express means to a green card within one year after completing the interview with an immigration officers successfully. Because of recent changes in the process, interview with an officer is set after two months of filing a petition. Once the petition get an approval, it means direct to obtaining a green card.

  1. Immigration of extraordinary ability people

EB-1 immigration visas for individuals with extraordinary abilities have a high priority, so petitions are usually processed rapidly. If you apply for an EB-1A or B visa using premium processing (an additional expense), you can obtain a Green Card within one year of approval of the petition. When applying for an EB-1C visa for an outstanding managers and directors, it may takes as long as 18 to 24 months. The best green card services honolulu hi can help you get quick access to the green card. 

  1. Immigration through family reunification

Immigration through family reunification is another quick ways one can achieve their permanent residency in the United States. The process takes around nine months up to five years. The fastest option is the reunion of closest relatives with a U.S. Citizen who is a parent, spouse, or unmarried children under 21 years.

EB5 Visa Program: The Danger To Consider

If you are considering investing in the United States Business, no doubt you have heard of the EB-5 Visa. Through this program, you can invest into a qualified business in exchange for legal residency. However, there are lots of questions you should ask yourself before investing in any project. See investment immigration us 

  • What will happen to your Visa application if the jobs fail to materialize?
  • Is the value of your investment likely to go up or down?
  • Will these jobs likely last at least two years?
  • Is the regional funding center able to create at least 10 direct or indirect jobs through your investment?
  • Are the people you’re working with credible?
  • How many other non-US citizens are investing through that center?
  • Will you have any say in how your investment is managed?

If and when you decide to invest funds through EB-5, you need to pay attention to the last point. If your advisors focus only on the positive sides of your application and avoid mentioning negatives or potential problems, it is necessary you proceed with caution. The Mission Hills Square project is one of many other investment problem foreign investor has encountered in the United States Eb5 investment visa.

The planned Mission Hills Square project in Fremont is currently on hold due to a wide range of issues affecting current and former ownership. The first plan was a high-end housing, dining, and shopping development, the companies associated with the project have suffered everything from a mortgage default to bankruptcy and several lawsuits.

Initially, the project seemed to have excellent potential. Located right next to I-680 and Durham Road, the complex would be in a well-trafficked and highly-visible area of the city. With 54,000 square feet of shops, bars, and dining and nearly 150 residential units, there were little doubt that investors would have see significant returns in the investment.

However, the Mission Hills Square site is currently devoid of activity and covered with graffiti due to a range of legal and financial woes.

Plan your immigration in advance, do not act at random. With the potential of changes in United States immigration policy, the best time for immigration is right now. Get a U.S. abogados certificados de inmigracion consultation for professional advice on your individual situation.