Four Reasons Hiring a Glen Falls Truck Accident Lawyer is a Must


Often, semi-truck drivers are employed by big trucking companies. Such companies have a team of insurance adjusters and attorneys who want to pay as little compensation as possible to claims that arise from a crash. While this fact alone may not be enough of a reason to hire a Glen Falls truck accident lawyer after sustaining injuries in a truck accident, there are other reasons to trust an attorney to handle your case. 

Recovering full damages on your own can be quite challenging. Truck accident claims are complicated and the parties to blame for the crash will take advantage of your lack of knowledge and experience in legal matters. They may twist the facts to underpay and deny your claim. But an experienced Fedex truck accident lawyer hayward wi will protect your rights. They are aware of how exactly to handle the specific aspects of your case such as the following:

Involvement of Several Parties

While the driver of the truck may have directly caused the crash, several parties could be blamed for it. When you are looking to get compensated for your injuries due to a truck accident, you may need to pursue compensation from the truck driver, their employer, a truck or truck parts manufacturer, a shipping company, and a maintenance company or mechanic. Also, brokers and shippers may be at fault for the crash. You must work with your lawyer to ensure all parties responsible for the crash pay you for the injuries you sustained.

Several Insurers

Every party involved in your case has their own insurance provider. If you sustained serious injuries in a truck accident, you must focus on recovering from them and adjust to the situation with your family. Your attorney will handle all communications with the insurers involved, letting you focus on your healing.

Complex Trucking Laws

Complex truck regulations are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations are a factor in your case because violations are often presented to prove negligence. In trucking accidents, some of the regulations that are considered include hours of service, truck inspection and maintenance, driver qualifications, insurance requirements, required parts and accessories, hazardous materials transport, as well as preservation of records. Your lawyer is knowledgeable about these laws and applies them to your case.

The Severity of Injuries

Given the immense size and weight of an 18-wheeler and the speed at which an accident can happen, serious injuries are often suffered by victims. The more serious the injuries you suffered, the more complex the litigation becomes. As catastrophic injuries are common in truck accidents, big amounts of compensation are often sought. You especially need to work with an attorney when you sustained serious injuries.