A Guide on the Factors that Make Some Legal Firms Better than All Others 


Settling family disputes can turn out very ugly when differences in opinions occur. And sadly, when there are disputes that are reaching courts, it naturally means that the opinions are significantly clashing. Under these circumstances, there’s a lot at stake – money, reputation, property, and much much more – and the person who can make or break the situation for you is an advocate who is representing you in the court. 

So, needless to say, it’s your choice of the legal firm that matters and nothing else. And that’s what this guide is about – the things to keep in mind when hiring a lawyer. But, before that, let us take you through the scenarios under which you can approach a family lawyer and a succession lawyer. Have a look! 

  • When you want a divorce or marriage annulment. 
  • When you’re fighting for alimony and the custody of the child. 
  • When the matter is about the settlement of an inheritance. 
  • When it’s a matter of making a will. 
  • When the procedure involves changing a liquidator. 
  • When legal documents involving assets are being written/reviewed.

Clearly, the results depend upon the expertise of the lawyer. And, only a limited few legal firms like the Avocat Succession Litvack Dessureault LLP firm is worth your money, time, and trust. 

Wondering what are the factors that make some firms and advocates better than others? Then, the pointers below hold all the answers. 

They have Practical Experience 

Yes, their lawyers are highly learned and they know each and every clause and section in the Canadian family and succession law. But what makes them exceptional is that they have practical experience as well. 

Opening a case in front of the judge and fighting to defend the client requires a lot of confidence. Which is why an attorney backed by years of experience in handling the different unexpected scenarios that can arise in the court are the type of people you want on your side. 

They Keep the Interest of the Client Ahead of Everything Else

It’s not without a reason that good lawyers are good negotiators too. They will always try to settle the case outside of the court so that their clients don’t have to wait for a long time for the verdict. 

Having said that, if out of court settlement doesn’t pan out, they are more than capable of winning the case in the court.