What Is The Worth Of Your Car Accident Claim?


This is one of the most common questions people have after being involved in a car accident and discussing details with a lawyer. The problem is that it is very difficult to give a straight answer. This is because car accident claim value depends on different factors. The most common ones are how the incident happened and what damages appeared.

Remember that we are talking about accidents. All Washington DC car accident lawyers will tell you that it is very difficult to name exactly what average settlement to expect. The best thing you can do is to discuss things with your attorney so you can then decide how much you should receive based on the investigation that follows the car accident.

Insurance Company Payouts Versus Accident Claims

After sharing what happened with the attorney, he will offer you different details you most likely have no idea about. The topic of insurance company payouts versus accident claims is one of them.

When referring to personal injury law, “damages” practically refers to the intangible and tangible losses you experienced following the car accident. This can include several different things, like medical expenses, car damages, lost wages, and even less quantifiable costs, like pain and suffering.

The big problem is that insurance claims can just offer payments for damages like medical expenses and property damages. There are also some limits that have to be respected. These limits are based on the individual insurance policy, and the actual injuries you suffered.

When you choose the option of the accident claims, you can receive some extra damages. Some of those you might be interested are:

  • Future medical expenses (like for serious or chronic injuries)
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage
  • Loss of companionship (like because of the loss of a family member)

Why Do You Need The Help Of A Car Accident Attorney?

Many car accident victims believe that they can obtain a good compensation alone and the law does allow you to file the claim without the help of a lawyer. However, this is a very bad decision.

The big problem is that insurance companies do not really care about you. They are only interested in paying you as little as they can. After all, this is why limits exist in the first place.

The car accident attorney will help you much more than you think in both cases. They help with both dealing with the insurance companies and with potential lawsuits. In the event that you talk with insurance adjusters, the lawyers will help you to negotiate better deals. They will most likely be convinced to go as high as the maximum potential compensation.

When talking about the lawsuit, the help of the car accident attorney is simply impossible to deny. You will have someone to represent you in court, which has so many strict rules that always need to be followed. The lawyers know exactly what to do and what not to do. They know how to talk to the judge and the jury. This means they will present your case in a much more favorable light.