Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Dog Bite Claim


It can be devastating to incur injuries after a dog bite. Sadly, most victims don’t report such occurrences. If this happens to you, you must take specific actions before filing a lawsuit against the dog’s owner. The first step should be to hire an attorney to guide you. Doing this helps avoid blunders that can be costly.

Here are common blunders to avoid after a dog bite.

  1. Not seeking medical attention 

Minor bites may not appear severe for a few days. It may take some time for inflammation and bruising to manifest. But, it’s advisable to consult a doctor no matter the type of injury.

Your dog bite lawyers San Antonio will need medical records to build strong case. Furthermore, issues may arise later if you don’t get therapy. The defendant may then argue that their dog’s bite wasn’t what led to the injuries.

  1. Ignoring contact information 

If you don’t get the dog owner’s contact information after the bite, you might not be able to find them later. You need the owner’s details to make a claim with the homeowner’s or renter’s insurance carrier. If the dog handler was available during the incident, you must also provide their information.

  1. Not hiring an Attorney 

Another error that victims frequently make is delaying or not hiring an experienced dog bite attorney. A lawyer will handle all correspondence with the insurance provider.

An attorney will gather the proof you need to present a strong case, assess the worth of your claim, and negotiate your compensation. Before the statute of limitations runs out, they will file a lawsuit and, if required, litigate your claim.

  1. Failing to report

Reporting the scenario to the police or animal control is critical. In some cases, the dog owner may agree to cover your expenses out of court, but you should still report the incident.

Notifying the authorities guarantees that the occurrence is recorded. It also ensures that the laws regarding dog bite injuries and damages are upheld.

  1. Speaking to the insurance team without legal counsel 

Many insurance brokers will work to reduce their payouts to benefit the insurance provider. Insurance representatives may even take notes during victim interactions and use them as proof.

For instance, if you admit to approaching the animal, providers assume you are hostile toward the dog. This could considerably impact your claim and compensation. Therefore, always have a dog bite attorney by your side before responding to insurance representatives or police questions.

  1. Not documenting your injuries 

It may be challenging to establish the severity of the attack in court. This is particularly true if you don’t document the injuries at the scene. Most people underestimate the role of photos which is a big blunder. Photos are enough evidence for the injuries incurred even after the wounds heal.

Bottom line

Dog bite claims are essential when you experience injuries from a dog that doesn’t belong to you. The declaration paves the way for your compensation. However, you must be smart enough to win your lawsuit and hiring an attorney avoids many mistakes that can deny you compensation.