Timeshare Exits – What Are Your Options?

Timeshare Exits – What Are Your Options?


Timeshare contracts, paperwork and the rules and legalities behind them all can be extremely complex and tough to navigate, especially for consumers.

When it comes to exiting a timeshare, it can be very difficult for owners who must try to deal with complicated legal jargon and shady timeshare companies whilst trying to avoid the pitfalls of timeshare scams that target consumers looking for a way out.

Here we explain some of the options that might apply to your timeshare circumstances and what you can do. If the first doesn’t work, then move onto the next one and persevere until you have secured your timeshare exit.

  • Cooling Off Period

If you have purchased your timeshare very recently, in the past few weeks, then you could still have time to cancel.

Most timeshares contracts come with a 14-day cooling off period where if you change your mind, you can exit your timeshare without any repercussions or legal penalties and get a full refund.

If you believe this 14-day period has not yet passed for your contract, then read through it straight away and contact the timeshare sellers to inform them of your decision. Be sure to document and log all attempts at contact for future reference in case they try to dispute it.

  • Speak to Your Timeshare Company

If you have passed the 14-day cooling off period but want to exit your timeshare, then your first port of call should be to the timeshare company who sold it to you and try to open up a discussion about what your exit options are.

In very few circumstances does this yield positive results but it is always worth a try, and it could be that you are able to negotiate your exit by paying a termination fee. Be very careful though as exit policies in timeshare contracts are often extremely unfair and could cost you a lot more than expected or they could even take your money and still leave you with the unwanted timeshare.

  • Sell Your Timeshare

Timeshares are not particularly sellable and finding a legitimate buyer can be very difficult but if you do then this is a great option.

Don’t ever believe someone claiming to be able sell your timeshare for you or having a buyer already lined up as this is almost always a scam. Make sure that you never pay any upfront fees and use a qualified solicitor or transfer agent to handle the paperwork and legalities for you.

  • Timeshare Solicitors

The law around timeshares is complex, often covering multiple jurisdictions, which is why so many consumers can struggle for years attempting to exit their timeshares by themselves with no progress.

A legitimate, qualified timeshare solicitor will be well equipped to help handle your timeshare exit for you. They have years of experience dealing with immoral timeshare companies and can see straight through their threats and intimidation tactics.

A timeshare solicitor could be your best chance of successfully and legally exiting your timeshare to save you from years of expense ahead and free you from the unethical contract you are tied to.