3 Things You Need To Learn More About Domestic Violence


As the saying goes, ‘home is where the heart is’. Every one of us deserves a peaceful and loving home that is safe and free from violence. However, abuse can also happen at home, and domestic violence is sparingly relevant and still prominent. Women and children are often the most common victims of domestic violence.

You don’t want to escalate this violence, where calling for a criminal lawyer in Singapore seems like an urgent action. It’s crucial that we learn more about domestic violence. Here are a few things you need to learn about it:

It’s more than physical violence.

When we hear the word ‘violence’, we often think about the physical damage that it can do. However, domestic violence is more than just a form of inflicting physical harm. Domestic violence can include emotional, sexual, and a combination of these. It can scar the minds and cause trauma to victims. Being familiar with family law in Singapore can help you stay protected from these types of domestic abuse.

Loved ones can miss the red flags.

Victims of intimate partner violence can show signs. But they are often overlooked and missed by friends and families due to controlling behaviour. Sometimes, they may show subtle signs that are hard to decipher, but often, changes in behaviour are the warning signs. Make sure to ask them questions and let them know that you are willing to listen before taking action, such as hiring a personal protection order in Singapore.

Victims are often isolated and manipulated.

Most victims of domestic abuse are targeted for isolation and manipulated by their abusive partners. These abusive partners will do what they can to cut these victims off from their close loved ones and are reluctant to seek help. The victims may insist that there is nothing wrong with their relationship. While hiring a family lawyer in Singapore can be helpful, however, if the victim is reluctant, the abuse will continue.

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