Workers comp settlement for crane accident injury


Cranes are vital in the construction field, but at the same time, they can be dangerous if an injury occurs while working in a crane. The danger is not only for the crane operator but also for people working in the surrounding area. There are numerous crane accidents taking place and at times workers get injured seriously.

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When to seek the worker’s comp settlement for crane accident injury?

Talk to your lawyer immediately if you are a victim of a crane accident. The workers who get injured in the crane accident are qualified to receive the claim or worker’s compensation. It is a no-fault system which means that you are entitled to comp settlement in case of a crane accident injury even if your employer is not accountable.

The companies must follow certain protocols regarding safety requirements related to crane operation and if such requirements are violated, they are accountable. The primary cause of crane accidents is malfunctioning and maintenance issues. In such instances, your lawyer can assist you to get the claim against the manufacturer.

A crane accident injury lawyer can help you in the settlement of the claims in the following instances:

  • When the crane collapses partially or completely
  • If the crane exceeds the maximum load capacity
  • Crane crashes with any object, building, or vehicle
  • If the crane is not secured properly
  • Falling from a crane
  • Electrical or mechanical issues
  • Improper crane assembling
  • Uncertified or qualified crane operator

 What are the steps that you need to take after the crane accident?

A person who has been injured in a crane accident must take the following steps.

  • The foremost measure that you need to take is to report the injury to the employer. There are deadlines to report the injury, certain states have a short deadline period of less than seven days.
  • If you become the victim of crane injury, seek medical treatment immediately. A company-approved doctor may assist you and your hired lawyer will explain to you the state’s legal requirements that you need to adhere to.
  • Keep a record of everything and as many details as possible about the accident. If any videos or photos are available, keep them safe for usage.
  • The next step is to seek a comp settlement by hiring a crane accident injury lawyer as you cannot do all the formalities on your own. The lawyer will negotiate for a final settlement on your behalf.
  • Calculate your losses by working along with your lawyer. He will help you to see how much you will recover.
  • Avoid making costly mistakes, and make smart decisions. Costly mistakes can end up without receiving any compensation.
  • If you prefer to be treated fairly by the insurance company, you need to hire a lawyer.
  • There is no need to pay anything to the crane accident injury lawyers unless you first receive the compensation.

You don’t have to be concerned that you will be fired for filing a claim for the crane accident injury as it is against the law. If you feel that your employer might retaliate against you for filing the case, talk to your advocate promptly. After you have paid the legal fees to your lawyer, you can be assured that you will get more of the claim amount than you would collect on your own.